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Office 365 – Get Office 365 wave 2016 now!

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Microsoft has released Office 2016 officially a couple of days ago, and this also includes the Office 365 version of the Office 2016 suite.

If you already have deployed Office 365 wave 2013 before, you’ll know the Office 365 Deployment Tool (download the latest 2016 compatible version). This tool extracts two files in a folder which allow you to download the Office 365 click-to-run suite for preinstalling the software on computers.

When the tool is downloaded, run it and extract the files to a folder. From there, modify the download.xml as following:

The difference between the previous 2013 version, is that you can specify the update branch. Read more about it here. Basically it’s similar to Windows 10, do you want to be in the fast ring or the slow ring. So by specifying the branch you”ll decide between monthly updates or every four months!

For installing Office 365 I use a second dedicated installation XML:

And I call the installation of Office 365 from a cmd file, so it can be incorporated in MDT, System Center Configuration Manager or RES Automation Manager:

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