This blog isn’t dead, just looking for new content…

Returning visitors may think: “Where’s the new stuff dude!?!” -Well.. last couple of months have been very quiet on this website, I agree! This is mostly due to two things:

  1. We moved into our new house, which needed decorating and numerous DIY chores
  2. I’m currently not involved in any automation project…

For some time now I’m employed at a customer as a packaging engineer at a local hospital, where my job activities currently do not involve automation in relation to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager and / or RES Automation Manager. I actually work more with RES Workspace Manager and VMware ThinApp at the moment.

As a result this causes lack of input for my blog to generate content. I don’t want to use this as an excuse, since content can be generated in many ways. But on the topic of MDT in particular a lot has been written by fellow colleagues and myself and I currently do not experience any incentives that trigger me into writing new stuff in relation to MDT.

Nevertheless I remain active on Microsoft’s social.technet forum in the MDT, SCCM, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 section to assist users with topic related problems and questions. And besides this I answer questions which I receive frequently on my own website, something I greatly appreciate!

If you have any news to share, want me to explain anything related to mentioned topics above or simply have a question!? Please don’t hold back and let me know through my twitter handle @renshollanders, a reaction on my website, or if you dig some further you will find my e-mail address too!

I just felt the need to explain, so you all understand this is just a phase and not a definitive state! 🙂

Cheers! Rens


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