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HP 6560b and my new SSD, lets make friends!

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Alright, so last month I received a new laptop for my work. It’s the fantastic HP ProBook 6560b with it’s slick design and high resolution (ahum 1600*900) panel.

But what’s the use of a new laptop with a i5 cpu and 8 Gb’s ram but a slow harddrive? So I bought a Crucial M4 128 Gb SSD and off course without doing any ‘RTFM’ or digging on the internet about ‘compatiblity issues’ I plugged my SSD right in my notebook to experience that my SSD was not detected <insert sad face>

Out-of-the-box my Probook 6560b has bios revision “F.20” and there was a bios update (F.22) available right from the HP product and support site. After flashing my bios in Windows to the latest revision (on my old hard drive), my SSD got detected right away and all the fun could begin!