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MDT – Inject printer drivers

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Just a quick post before February ends:

Allot has been said and written about injecting drivers with MDT into you operating system. However I thought that it should be useful to point out that any of the drivers you want to inject into your operating system, at the preïnstallation phase, occur before the actual drivers for your system are applied.

I cannot substantiate this process which (part of the) script does the trick, but I recently noticed that injecting hardware drivers for a particular machine prior to injecting printer drivers, is not going to do anything with the printer drivers. They are skipped and later on in the process not found on the Operating System “C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore”. But when I switch the tasks with each other, and printer drivers are injected before hardware specific drivers, the printers drivers are nicely injected.


The only conclusion I can draw from this, is that the mechanism which triggers “Microsoft.BDD.PnPEnum.exe” to query for the vendor and device ID’s of the hardware, does not have a complete match of hardware devices found in relationship to the pool of drivers which is offered. Until then it will accept all drivers to be injected prior to the actual hardware driver injection.

Hope this can be of any assistance

Cheers! Rens

By the way I’m receiving the key of our new house in the next couple of days and I’ll be spending my time getting our house ready for moving in. So I’m not expecting to write an article before the beginning of April.