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MDT – Monitoring creates event viewer entries

Published / by Rens Hollanders / 7 Comments on MDT – Monitoring creates event viewer entries

This quick post is aboutĀ admitting that sometimes even I learn new stuff about MDT.

Since I usually do not setup MDT monitoring (I use dynamic logging most of the time), at a particular customer I did, since they wanted to track progress of their deployments.

Setting up monitoring is quite easy, enable the checkbox on your deployment share properties and add an additional property into your customsettings.ini:

figure 1.1: Enabling MDT Monitoring


figure 1.2: Monitoring property customsettings.inimdtmonitor002


When this is done, for each machine that will be deployed through MDT, the MDT Monitoring service will create an event in your Application log, with information regarding when the deployment was started for a particular machine, when it has ended and if any error’s did occur.

figure 1.3: Eventviewer Application Log MDT entriesmdtmonitor003

Cheers! Rens